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ASIO Launches Inputs Distribution In Logar

ASIO held the opening ceremony of ?Poultry Project Inputs Distribution? in Pul-e- Alam district of Logar province on May 19, 2018. The event was organized by the poultry project technical team of ASIO in close coordination with Logar DAIL, CLAP provincial team, Animal Health Department and targeted district?s Agriculture departments. The purpose of the ceremony was the awareness of community about the MAIL/CLAP poultry development, activities, objective, benefits as well as impacts of the project. The event was inaugurated with citation of Holy Quran by one of the participants. The CLAP Project Manager Mr. Shahzar Zadran, Eng. Mohammad Din Momand Director of Logar DAIL, Mrs. Shaimah Zargar director of Logar Women?s Affairs, Dr. Khan Shireen Khusrawi Head of Livestock & Animal Health Department, Mr. Nessar Ali community elder and Mrs. Mushtary VGL were the speakers of the event who delivered encouraging speeches to the participants. Invitees included Director of Logar DAIL with relevant staff, Representative of Logar DoE (Director of Economy), CLAP Project Manager, CLAP National Poultry Advisor, CLAP Poultry Officer, Head of Logar environmental protection department, Director of Directorate of Narcotic Counter, CLAP provincial coordinator, targeted district community elders, 39 rural women as representatives of Pul e ALam and Muhammad Agha districts beneficiaries, Director of Women affair (DoWA), 11 project VGLs, and ASIO Logar provincial team. The speakers of the event praised the activities of the project implemented by ASIO in collaboration with DAIL and CLAP. One community elder, who talked on behalf of her community, said they are happy and satisfied about the project and that they need such further supports of the Ministry of Agriculture and relevant organizations in their areas in order to help vulnerable families, especially women, to improve their economy by having an income.


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