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like food security, IDPs, agriculture, health care and capacity building projects in Kabul, north and north-eastern regions of Afghanistan.

Exposure Visit Held For Baghlan Poultry Producers

Afghanistan Social Improvement Organization (ASIO) held a five-day exposure visit on November 9, 2018 for 10 poultry producers from Baghlan province under GIZ-SEDEP project. During this event, the poultry producers visited standard broiler farms, feed processing centers and breeder farms in Baharak and Taluqan districts of Takhar province. The exposure visit was aimed at establishing better connection between farmers of the two provinces and enabling them to exchange views and experiences on improvement of poultry farming. The poultry producers of Baghlan and Takhar provinces sat down in different times during the five days of the exposure visit, and talked about challenges, opportunities and experiences they have gained in this sector so far.


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