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We have implemented various livelihood programs.
like food security, IDPs, agriculture, health care and capacity building projects in Kabul, north and north-eastern regions of Afghanistan.

ASIO Successfully Completes Kabul Poultry Project

Afghanistan Social Improvement Organization (ASIO) successfully completed the second phase of the Community Livestock and Agriculture Project of the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock, CLAP/MAIL, backyard poultry project in Kabul province. The project covered Chahar Asiab, Deh Sabz, Mir Bacha Kot and Qarabagh districts of Kabul province. At least 2,222 beneficiaries were directly benefited by the project while the indirect beneficiaries are estimated 8,888 individuals. The project was started in August 2017 and was completed on January 31, 2019. A ceremony was held on project handover in Kabul on January 30 where officials from the MAIL, DAIL, Women?s Affairs Directorate, VGLs and a number of beneficiaries had attended. Those who gave speech at the event were Eng. Omar Jan Mangal DAIL Director, Dr. Shukrullah Waziri, head of animal health and livestock department of DAIL, the heads of agriculture departments of the four districts of Kabul, Ustad Jafar Emal, four VGLs from four districts of Logar, and representatives of the four districts. The officials and VGLs talked about the project and described it as effective for the empowerment of women?s economy. The officials insisted on the implementation of more projects of this type in the province in order to help the local communities to grow their economy. During the first three months of the project, training sessions were held for beneficiaries in 90 classes of at least 30 students each who were trained by ASIO trainers. The ASIO trainers received training for trainers (ToT) for six days before they started training beneficiaries in their relevant areas. At the end of the project, each of 45 VGLs received 15 pullets, 75 kilograms of feed, wire mesh, vaccines and medicines, drinker, syringes, gloves, and one basket. During this project, at least 20 saving accounts were created by beneficiaries with the help of ASIO trainers and VGLs in close coordination with the CLAP/MAIL. In this project, the ASIO trainers, in accordance with the project outline and in close coordination with CLAP/MAIL, three phases of vaccinations were held which included one phase of fowlpox and two phases of ND+IB (Newcastle Disease + Infectious Bronchitis) ? following pullets? distribution. During this project, ASIO attended exhibitions on farmers? day and the Independence Day in Logar and another exhibition on farmers? day in Kabul. Afghanistan Social Improvement Organization is a non-governmental and non-profitable organization, serving the people of Afghanistan for the past 10 years. ASIO works under the light of the Afghan government and donor rules and regulations. The purpose of ASIO is to provide developmental and humanitarian services to vulnerable people regardless of political, ethnic, regional or other dependencies.


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