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We have implemented various livelihood programs.
like food security, IDPs, agriculture, health care and capacity building projects in Kabul, north and north-eastern regions of Afghanistan.

Poultry Project Completed in Bamiyan; Benefited 1,000 Families

Afghanistan Social Improvement Organization (ASIO) successfully completed the Improved Backyard Poultry Project in Bamiyan province in collaboration with the National Horticulture and Livestock Program of the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock (NHLP/MAIL), directly benefiting 1,000 families. The project was implemented in the center of Bamiyan, Punjab district, Saighan and Waras districts where 1,000 farms with the capacity of 30 pullets were established for 1,000 vulnerable families. During this project, the following services/activities were accomplished: A forty-five-day training was held on poultry farming and technical advice for project beneficiaries. All the beneficiaries received 30 pullets with the age of five months. Each beneficiary received four drinkers, four feeders, one door, five square meters of wire mesh and required medicine. It is worth mentioning that at least 600,000 eggs were produced at the end of each since September. From this total, more than 400,000 eggs were sold and the remaining over 200,000 eggs were consumed by the families. The produced eggs through this product has improved their incomes in terms of economy and the consumed eggs have had a positive impact on improving food security among households. Afghanistan Social Improvement Organization (ASIO) is a non-governmental and non-profitable organization established on January 2010.


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