Afghanistan Social Improvement Organization

We have implemented various livelihood programs.
like food security, IDPs, agriculture, health care and capacity building projects in Kabul, north and north-eastern regions of Afghanistan.

Approximately 1,260,33 Receive food Items UN-WFP projec

Approximately 1,260,33 destitute families received Foodstuff and Cash for 9 months effective from Oct 2022 – June 2023 under SSUP - Food & CBT IPC3 50% ASIO/WFP project in Kunduz province.

Kunduz is one of the most war affected province in the northwest of the country, most of its residents considerably suffered and faced to dire poverty due to the lack of job opportunities and low incomes, ASIO  working for food security with financial support of  WFP  under  the(SSUP - Food & CBT  IPC3 50%) project, ASIO based on WFP rules, close support and full coordination of Local authorities and relevant sectors successfully completed 9 months humanitarian assistance project for duration of 1 Oct 2022 – 30 June 2023 and  approximately covered ( 1,260,33 ) destitute families in all over the Kunduz .

ASIO based on 14 specific criteria, house to house survey, biometric and close coordination of relevant de facto authorities selected (50187) HHs for the duration of Oct 2022- Dec 2022, (54320) HHs from Jan 2023 – March 2023, in April 2023 (38590) HHs and from May 2023 – June 2023 (12099) HHs under food & CBT IPC3 50% each beneficiary assisted with 50 KG wheat flour, 6.25 KG pulses, 4.55 KG veg-oil, 0.5 KG salt, 1, 5 KG Plumpy and 4.5 KG super cereal.

Nearly (5000) HHs effective from Jan 2023 – March 2023 and (4427) HHs from May 2023 – June 2023 received (3700 AF) Cash in each month under the CBT- DC IPC3 50% project.        

4200 HHs under the C-GFD / CBT IPC3 50% work for food received foodstuff covered Jan 2023 -March 2023, each family assisted with 6.300 KG bean, 50 KG wheat flour, 4, 55 KG Veg-Oil and 1KG salt, more than 100 designed, people and relevant sectors proposed public projects implemented like:   cleaning and excavation of irrigation canals, cleaning of drainages restoration and established of roads and etc.

ASIO committed to provide humanitarian and livelihood assistance services for Afghans, saving the life and ensuring food security.


Kabul Office:

Address: Twin Tower, Apratment 103, 6th Floor, Parwan 3, Kabul, Afghanistan

Email: asio@org,af

Mobile: (+93)  795 353 007


Kunduz Office:

Address: House 2957, district 2, Amir Abad, Kunduz-Kabul Main road, Kunduz Afghanistan

Baghlan Office:

Address: House 3, street 21, district 3, Pul-e-khumri, Baghlan province, Afghanistan


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